Pitstop Park

The company

The company’s expertise is focused on the design, development, construction and management of mixed-use commercial real estate, or what we call internationally Retail Development. Starting at the beginning of 2010, we studied, designed and completed in May 2011 this unique project, presenting the first Car Wash Park in Greece with the brand name ‘Pitstop Park’. With the car care services as a core, we added combined services for the consumer, to better save their shopping time, with the aim of offering a pleasant overall service experience.

What are Pitstop Parks?

"They are large multipurpose spaces providing services and products of daily use where visitors of all ages and groups meet for a common need: the care of their car"

As a result of the modern needs of the Greek consumer, we designed an area of combined services and products dominated by:

As a result, Pitstop Parks innovate in the field of services while at the same time it creates the conditions for the development of new points with the aim of creating the largest chain of car care parks.

Dimitris Daskalopoulos BSc, MSc, MA
Pitstop Park
Phone: 210 68 39 901
e-mail: pdinfo@otenet.gr

Pitstop Park History Chart

  1. Pitstop Wash

    Introduction of the largest car wash tunnel in Greece with Automated Handwash and Lammscloth TM technology.

  2. Autocare Center

    Creation of a special area for deep cleaning and detailing of cars, installation of anti-sun films, color change and specialized works around the car and motorcycle.

  3. Introduction of the SELF SERVICE vehicle washing service

    Self-service 2-seater car wash, with Karcher technology

  4. Creation of the Marcello brand

    Marcello was created specifically to serve the needs of Pitstop Park customers. Italian coffee, handmade ice cream and ideal suggestions for breakfast and lunch.

  5. Pharmacy

    The first drive-through pharmacy in Greece opens at Pitstop Park. In-store and drive-through service with reliable pharmacists

  6. Pitstop Barber

    Hair Care and trimming for the guest himself while his vehicle is being taken care by our special team.

  7. We welcome the new store “Salamat”