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3rd Generation tunnel carwash-The first introduced in Greece.

Pitstop Wash tunnel carwash takes the first step in introducing the new technology "Autohand Wash" for the first time in Greece. Pitstop Wash introduces a 38 meters long tunnel carwash with a unique competitive advantage on quality and performance.

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Lammscloth was designed for cleaning vehicles deeply without dulling or damaging paint finishes and clear coats. Lammscloth works like hundreds of hand mitts, slowly covering the vehicle with the proper amount of soap and water, while thoroughly cleaning vehicles with a quiet and gentle "hand wash" motion. Lammscloth was proven in tests by DupontTM Performance Coatings to provide the safest, longest lasting shine in the industry. The fact is, customers feel more comfortable knowing that their "pride and joy" isn’t being whipped with harsh and forceful sounding brushes.


Τι κερδίζω στο Pitstop Wash;

Advantages of Pitstop Wash

Every detail of the carwash procedure, personal customer service in offering new car care technologies and to love of what we do make Pitstop Wash as a unique destination for the car and family.

In Pitstop Wash we give a lot and great importance to your standby time. The average standby time of washing a car (externally and internally) does not exceed the time of 17 minutes. The waiting time can be increased by 5-10 minutes on high traffic days (such as holidays and weekends).


Check out some of the technological superiority points of Pitstop Wash:

Special foam prewash for insects and subsequent protection in driving.

Free antiallergic flavoring car with Autoglym Autofresh.

self service 4
Allergy dry cleaning and disinfecting for the mats of the car.

Nanotechnology Ultrashield wax for longer polishing effect of the car.


Hot Carnauba Wax for greater shine and color protection with only 2,5 Euros.

Window Clean cleaner
by Autoglym without ammonia.

Cleaning and dashboard refresh emulsion with Super Autoglym Super Shine product for protection and maintenance of the plastic areas.

Polish spray byTeflon DuPont,only with 1,5€


τουνελ 7
Automatic chassis washing with water pressure 120psi, only with 1,5€.

τουνελ 4
Final vehicle rinsing with deionized water to avoid salts on the surface.

intensive tar remover
Free elimination of surface problems at local points by Autoglym intensive Tar Remover.


The 38 meters tunnel car wash of Pitstop Wash gives you a number of options that you can ask when entering your car in the prewash. See below all external washing steps and fast wax.

Τα στάδια πλυσίματος Pitstop Wash image

Τα στάδια πλυσίματος Pitstop Wash


DSCN0006 Prewash

  • Prep Guns: Spray high-pressure water
  • Bug beater: softening foam prewash
  • Bubblizer: Extra insect repellent foam prewash, NEW!   
  • Spinners: Extra high pressure water spray

1st step of washing

  • Wash foam: first step of washing foam
  • Mitter & rocker panels: Roof and sides wash with AUTOHAND technology
  • Tire foam: Chemical cleaning on the wheels

2nd step of washing

  • Triple Foam: ΤTriple foam wash
  • Wrap around: Sides wash by AUTOHAND technology
  • Mitter & rocker panels: Roof & sides wash with AUTOHAND technology
  • Wheel blaster: spraying high-pressure water to low points
  • Rain arch: Rinsing with deionized water rain

Wax & Shining

  • Drying agent: Spraying chemical polishing preparation NEW!
  • Teflon DuPont: Spray polish ultra shine
  • Carnauba Wax: Hot wax for extra shine and color protection NEW!
  • Tire gloss: Automatic polishing wheelsNEW!
  • Drying: 60hp Protovest blowers ΝΕΟ!

The procedure of waxing seals the result of professional shine and protects it from the ravages of time taking care and maintaining the color shine of the car.κερωμα

Κέρωμα Pitstop Wash


1. Application of Teflon spray polish in the final stages of the washing tunnel (1,5€).

2. Application of Hot Carnauba Wax in the final stages of the washing tunnel (2,5€).

3.Ultra Shield waxing with microcrystals technology – quick waxing (5€/7€/9€ depending on car size).

4. Professional waxing by specialized technicians(appointment required). The average stand by of the car is around 5-6 hours. Prior discussion with the customers is required in order to explain what process will take place and what will be the exact result of the service provided.



Carnauba Hot Wax

8781 Gefira Wax 145x21-01

Top quality wax in liquid form first time introduced in Greece γat Pitstop Wash. Passed evenly throughout the car it provides exceptional shine and color protection on the vehicles. The result of cleaning lasts longer whereas the cars are protected from UV rays, insects and bad weather. Ask our staff information at the entrance of the tunnel.

  • Vacuum: Interior Cleaning.
  • Mats: Dry Cleaning / Spraying chemical (against allergy) NEW!
  • Wet cleaning (Ask to be kept in the trunk. Do not place them immediately for use to prevent bacteria and mold.
  • Dashboard: dashboard cleaning allergy free.
  • Glazing: Internal cleaning glass with a chemical.




We are proud to introduce for the first time in Greece, the new Express Ultra Shield Waxing on vehicles that do not require prior removal of particles.
It offers:

  • Excellent shine and color protection.
  • 100% UV radiation reflection.
  • Resistance to dirt and impurities, maintaining clean the car for more time.

Applies after washing your car in the tunnel and lasts up to 30 days. Ask our staff for information at the entrance of the tunnel.


Ultra Shield


Extra υπηρεσίες Pitstop Wash

Gold Wash

A superior upgrade in washing including: a) interior and exterior wash, b) Carnauba Wax and c) automatic washing chassis FREE OF CHARGE.




VIP Wash

Every customer deserves a VIP treatment.

  • Special Wash (interior/exterior)
  • Wash chassis
  • Extra spray polish Teflon By Dupont
  • Blowing air outside
  • Renewal of unpainted exterior plastics by Autoglym
  • Shining wheels with glycerin
  • ΧMaintenance of plastic surfaces by Autoglym polish
  • ΧDry cleaning for mats with chemical products

Visit Pitstop Park’s autocare to see all our services.




Νέα - Προσφορές – Μέλη VIP

Washing the car at Pitstop Wash means I pay for 5 washes (in & out) and get six.
Pitstop Wash rewards visitations of your car plate number. Each signboard can participate in the bonus program we have created for you. In the 5 washes of 11, 50 Euro you earn the 6th absolutely FREE. The program is valid per car license plate without any time constraints. Registration is required for the company loyalty program with GDPR certification. The offer is valid on each car license plate seperately. Extra services are not covered by the program. Please ask our staff to sign up for the program by filling in the VIP membership form.

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* The Company reserves the right to suspend any loyalty program or renew its pricelist without prior notice.