The Concept


What are Pitstop Parks;

‘Pitstop Parks’ are large daily service parks where customers of all ages are met due to a common need, i.e. car washing.

Introducing a unique car wash technology in automated tunnels (at least 38m long) as an attraction point, we offer easy access, value for money and time saving services in big parks (at least 5.000sqm of land).

Car wash and moto wash, car care services and products (such as lube, quick service, tires etc.), convenience stores (such as mini market, pet shops), health & beauty (pharmacy, barber shops, nail bars etc.), food & beverage (such as coffee shops, bakery and street food restaurants) and children’s indoor and outdoor playgrounds make Pitstop Parks a unique place for the family, motor enthusiasts and friends for a relaxing quality time.

Because Pitstop Park is already operating in Athens, we strongly believe that there is no comparison with existing car wash developments, it is more like comparing Hypermarkets with mini markets.

The customer loyalty is very high and under certain circumstances a network of Pitstop Parks can be a very profitable investment.

Normally, Pitstop Parks need a land of at least 5.000sqm with very easy access, close to the city and preferably close to public transport. The Gross Building Areas have to be at least between 1.500sqm to 3.000sqm at ground level with a brand mix varying according to the local market and customer profile.

Our main company (i.e. Pitstop Group) has formed a number of various models of Pitstop Parks (e.g. Pitstop Airport) varying in the size and type of investment.

Our main goals are:

To find potential retail development companies willing to invest for Pitstop Parks as major partners in the development scheme

To offer Master Franchisor Agreements for the brand and operation of Pitstop Wash – Autohand Carwash in foreign markets.

The models will be designed and executed as turnkey projects, combining the principles for Pitstop Parks and the customer profile for each market.

If there is certain interest to the above, it will be great for us to examine these prospects and prepare Development Proposals including master plans and preliminary feasibility studies.