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Autocare Detailing unit

In the autocare detailing unit we discuss with our customers the ideal solutions for the needs of car & motorcycle. We create services around the care and the improved appearance of the vehicles. The solutions we recommend exceed customers’ expecations.

Autocare at Pitstop Park is available seven days a week.




Deep cleaning of interior lounge

The deep cleaning of the interior lounge of the car involves cleaning with maximum care using special chemicals, removing stains and disinfecting the area.

Pitstop Park is using allergy free cleaners, machinery and technology that really brings the interior of your car to life and as close as to its original state. Deep Cleaning includes all the interior areas and surfaces of the lounge such as seats and sides, plastic and leather components, dashboard, storage compartments, console, navigation, sky roof e.t.c.

The customer can choose between cleaning the whole interior lounge and specific parts of the car. The process ends with applying OZON in the cabin to eliminate unpleasant odors. In Pitstop Park we understand that each car has special needs. The cost of our work depends on the time we need to apply the service and the condition of the car in which it has been received. For this reason, the price varies by client / car. We invite you to discuss your needs and requirements.

The standby of the car ranges from 4 to 6 hours. (Appointment is required)


Car Polishing

We use the professional products by Autoglym, Sonax, Mothers and MA-FRA depending to the process required to be executed on the car. We pay special attention to polishing and waxing the car just because every car has special needs and requires special treatment.

We inform you just about the procedures being done, for the hours of work required and the results you will receive.

The standby of the car ranges from 5 to 6 hours. (Appointment is required).




What is clay?

The clay is applied upon the metal surface of the car and the glass surfaces to better remove dirt, stains, adhensives, grease, wax, oil, silicons faded paint, industrial pollutants e.t.c.

The implementation is a necessary step before applying polishing to be able to completely clean the surfaces before they are polished. If the condition of the car is judged to be very good and does not need application then polishing can be applied without using clay.


What is polishing?

The “polishing” is a professional application to:

  • a) the correction of paint problems (scratches)
  • b) improve visual effect
  • c) removing haze and
  • d) improving the texture of the surface of the body.

To enable the effect of polishing withstand over time and to protect the result of the work done, the application of wax is proposed, which is designed to retain and protect the polishing result from industrial pollutants, dirt, insects e.t.c.




What is Waxing?

The wax procedure seals the result of professional polishing and protects it from the ravages of time.

It also offers protection against industrial pollutants, resistance to dirt and insects and offers sun protection and durability. The results lasts for approximately 3 months. Unlike simple waxing, the High Definition Wax of Autoglym, which is a harder wax gives greater protection with longer durability. The effect lasts about 6 months. The vehicle stands by approximately 3-5 hours.

We use the professional products by Autoglym, Mothers and MA-FRA according to the procedure required. (Appointment is required)


Restoration of car lights

We use the professional products of 3M. The procedure for both car lights lasts 30-40 minutes. No appointment is necessary. Prefer to visit us week days instead of weekend as the waiting time is increased on days with a lot of movement.

Price 15€/unit.




Water proofing applications

The waterproofing procedure is applied on the hoods of the cars. The procedure takes around 2-3 hours. Requires appointment.

Price: 75€


Removing local stains – scratches

If you wish to remove scratches or remove stains no appointment required. The prices start with 10 € and increases proportionally with the areas upon we intervene.




Car Outfitting / Color change

We make partners with 3M company for car outfitting. The customer chooses between color and quality. Requires appointment whereas the car stand by ranges from 4 to 8 hours.



Window films

We work with 3M. We have four kinds of shades and installation takes approximately 2-3 hours. Requires appointment. Upon delivery of your vehicle 3M provides warranty for the product quality and the installation certificate. It is important to follow the relevant advice after the installation of the window films to not expose the films at risk.




Child seat cleaning

Dry Cleaning of the child seat with special anti-allergic series for children.

Price 12 €


Elimination of odors / cabinet disinfection

Elimination of air bacteria in the cabin and airway halls through a special production machine of OZONE generator (O3).

Duration 30 minutes.

Price 20€

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