In the automarket store you will find care items and car accessories for all seasons.

We work with the major suppliers in the market and we offer you a great variety of products at the lowest prices aiming at covering all customers’ needs.

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προιοντα automarket

  • Wipers/blades
  • Car chains
  • Cleaners and toiletries Autoglym, Elf, 3M, Turtle Wax, Ma Fra
  • Chemicals, lubricants.
  • Car Aromatics/Perfumes
  • Fire extinguishers, triangles, pharmacies
  • Deionized water, coolants, fluids wipers
  • Automobile Lamps
  • Steering wheel covers
  • Car seatscovers
  • Floor mats for all types of car
  • Car Accessories forr mobile, ipad and navigation devices
  • Caps
  • Cup holders
  • Sun Protectiona
  • Automobile lubricants and oils
  • Snacks

πατακια αυτοκινητου

If trade mats do not fit in your car, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of fabrics and rubber where we create the right car mats in patterns needed for your car to be positioned correctly.


The color and fabric palette gives the possibility to choose

  • color
  • seam type
  • seam color
  • leg touch
  • clasps
  • logo printing
  • slip protection

The customer may choose to order the whole set of mats for his/her car or just the units required. Delivery will take place in three 3 working days.



In our discount baskets you will find products at lower prices

best buy

We take under consideration the products that customers purchase through the automarket shop and try to find the best prices in the market. Customers’ choices of products help us to understand the trends and needs in the market and we always try to update our availability and range of new brands that satisfy the relevant expectations.